Monday, May 19, 2014

The Labelers

We live in a society of labelers.
Once everything is labeled we feel more control, and people become nothing more than spices on the pantry shelf
Pepper, cumin, parsley, depressed
We have our personal label makers, and once we're labeled we're supposed to be fixed 
With medication
With support groups 
With diets 
These labels are permanent
They say you can change
But all you're really doing is covering one label with another
"Obsessive" over the top of "fat"
There are good labels and bad labels but they're all self fulfilling 
You tell a child he's a bad reader so he's never going to try to read 
You tell my sister she has anxiety and she has a panic attack
You tell that little girl that she's gonna grow up to be something special so she shoots for it
And beats herself up every time she fails because she knows she's disappointing everyone and their labeled expectations
But what happens when we overcome our labels?
We become outcasts, until someone can find a new label for us
Why do you think there are so many adjectives in the world?
Even doctors are glorified labelers, 
You are your Disease with a Capitol D 
It makes me wonder, what do people label me?

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